Belly pork stripes cooked in red wine

“Mom how come this food is soooo yummmy?””Where is the recipe mum?”….. “There is no recipe honey….just watch me and you’ll learn to make it as well…!'”

And that’s how I started cooking…. by observing mum! This dish suits so perfectly your table during winter time! It’s sweetness in combination to the taste of the red dry wine…is simply superb!!! Best of all: its so easy to make!!!



Serves 4-6 persons
Preparation time :10 minutes Cooking time : 1 – 1 1/2 hours



1 kl thick belly pork stripes

1 package of baby carrots

1 kl of baby potatoes

2 onions

3-4  cups of red dry wine



1 teaspoon sugar

Olive Oil


In a deep casserole  add the chopped onions,  a splash of olive oil and start frying  the belly pork stripes . Make sure that the meat is well dried before frying it  by patting the meat with kitchen paper . Fry the belly pork stripes for around 15 minutes.

Then pour the wine, and water to cover them. Add the salt, pepper and the sugar.  Let them to cook for 30-40 minutes until you spoon them and they are tender.

Add the baby carrots and cook them for another 10-15 minutes. If you notice that the juices of the food have been absorbed by the meat and the meat is still not as tender as you want it , add a bit of water and wine. Adjust the taste by adding salt. After all we do need some sauce


In the meantime place the potatoes in a large saucepan  or a pot. Fry them for 15-20 minutes . Stir the potatoes many times while frying. Spoon them to make sure they are soft and then add water to cover them. Cook in low fire until the water is absorb.



Serve them with the meat hot!


Don’t forget to accompany your dish with a nice glass of red dry wine!